Emily Takes It

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Do you like them tiny, busty, and loud? Then Emily Mena is the girl for you. At first glance, she has the body, cute apple bottom, round tits, and a dazzling smile. But it’s what comes out of that mouth rather than goes in that will really make your day. This Puerto Rican moans, begs, and dirty talks like the best of them, even though this was her very first scene, filmed back in 2016! As soon a she gets the specifics out of the way, name, age, origin, she gets right down to begging for thick juicy cock. Then she jumps forward and asks,”Wanna see them?” To which, yes, we do want to the see those beautiful DD’s. “Wanna suck on them?” Oh, definitely. Then she gasps, moans, and shrieks for our pleasure as she pulls out Sean’s huge cock and rubs it all over her face. Then this vocal one just innocently drops the following gem in the most innocent voice, in-between labored gasps and moans,”You like that, daddy?” You’re going to want to listen in. Trust me.

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My Girlfriend's Busty Friend

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While lazy J is searching around for the TV remote in between the couch cushions, he comes across quite the interesting discovery, a bra that isn’t his woman’s! But at the size of the garment, he deduces right away it must belong to his chick’s friend Emily Mena, because she has the big tits to fill it! He starts jackin’ to it right away, which is perfect timing because Emily walks in on him. He tries to deny anything and everything up and down, but Emily knows that he isn’t a match for her massive jugs. So out they come and pretty soon, J cums too… all over them!

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Shoot Your Shot

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This week on CumFiesta we have the beautiful Emily Mena. Her huge tits and pretty smile make for a killer combo of seduction. Brad certainly had his hands full, even though she’s technically a small package, but all her features are on point. Cute, big tits, fit, and perky butt to go along with some sweet trim. Got to hand it to Brad he held it down and fucked her like she’s supposed to get fucked and finally finishing the fiesta on her big tits!

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My Stepsisters Baby Oil

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Emily Mena is tanning poolside and wants somebody to lube her up with baby oil, but nobody’s around except her stepbrother. After he grabs a sweet handful of her Latina ass, she slaps him away, leading him to jerk off with her oil, hidden behind her! When Emily discovers he’s used up all the oil, she decides the only way to get more onto her bod is to rub it off him, back onto her, turning into a slippery stepsibling fuck!

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Latina Maid Gets An Eyeful

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Emily Mena is a hot busty Latina maid. While cleaning Mr. Stallion’s crib, she noticed the bathroom door was open while he was in the shower. She took a peek and saw the biggest dick she has ever seen! Unfortunately, he also saw her peeping. Emily was shy and denied it at first, but her boss wasn’t mad, he just wanted to give her a better look. Once she saw the dick, she had to touch it. Once she touched it, she had to taste it. Once she tasted it… You see where this is going. Stallion pounded the hell out of that pussy and she loved it. Emily Mena got an eyeful at that bathroom door, but wait till you see the eyeful she gets at the end of this video!

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Getting In Em

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A few days ago, I had an astonishing time with Emily Mena, and being the amazing good friend that I am, I decided to hook Sean up. We called her at the perfect time, her boss sent her home to change her inappropriate attire, and she needed a ride. We scooped her up and went back to our place were Sean fucked the ay papi out of her, and then he jizzed on her pretty face!

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Latina Especial

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There was an accident with a bicyclist, and the damages needed to be reported to the insurance agent. They met with Emily Mena in the parking lot and she took a look at the damages. She was looking super hot in that sexy outfit she was wearing. They offered a deal that would hook her up with the insurance. She agreed and they went back to the house. It was not long until she was undressing and showing off that hot body. She sucked and fucked that cock. She got her pussy pounded and got that jizz all over her!

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